Our Difference


       Remain healthy when you travel


       One of our most appealing features is the cleanliness

       of our cabins. Pelican Rest Tourist Park have

       taken our cleanliness to a new level by becoming a

       Healthy Hotels Certified Property.


       We take pride in maintaining a high standard of cleanliness

       so you are assured of a clean and hygienic stay and an easy

       breathing night’s sleep with all of our mattresses, pillows and

       floors being hygienically sanitised for your peace of mind.


       At Pelican Rest we strive to achieve excellence and our

       Environmental impact is just one of these areas.


       Clean and Green:


                      Recycle facilities

                      Rainwater tanks on most cabins

                      Energy efficient light globes 

                      Timers and disabling switches on air-conditioners

                      On-demand gas/electric hot water systems

                      Eco friendly landscaping which attracts local birdlife

                      Solar Energy for Pool Heating

                      About to come on line - Solar Power

79 White-Plumed Honey Eater

Photography by Dave Carson

12022 Carnarvon Hwy,

St George QLD 4487, Australia

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Tel:  +61 7 4625 3398


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